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How to Convert Your Bicycle into an Electric Bike

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When you are tired of pedaling your bicycle all over the city but you do not want to walk, you can convert your bicycle into an electric bike. This is nothing new, since people have been converting their bicycles since the first world war. In fact, electric bike conversion kits spawned the motorcycle revolution. The only difference in the process today is that you can convert your bicycle with a simple kit, and this is how you do it:

Purchase Your Conversion Kit

You can purchase a conversion kit from most bicycle shops and, of course, online. The kit contains an electric-powered wheel, which is often the front wheel. Some kits convert the back wheel and attached chain into the power-driven wheel. It just depends upon the type of kit you buy.

In your kit you will find:

  • a power source.
  • a replacement wheel for your bicycle with power cords attached.
  • a switch, which allows you to control when you use the electricity.

The rear wheel kits also include:

  • an engine, as well as additional parts that connect the wheel to a clutch and power train chain.

The Conversion Steps Are Simple

The conversion process is so simple a nursery school child could do it. In fact, as simple lesson in mechanical and electrical engineering, you and your children could do this project together.

The front wheel kits include the following instructions:

  1. Remove the front wheel from your bicycle.
  2. Position the power wheel in place and secure it, just as you would with the original wheel.
  3. Find a safe place to attach the battery pack. You can place it in a bicycle basket on the front, attach it to the seat pole, or secure it to the top bike crossbar.
  4. Attach the on/off switch to the handlebars.
  5. Plug the power wheel into the battery pack and you are ready to go.

The rear wheel kits are more labour-intensive, and you do have to have some small engine knowledge. These kits essentially convert your bicycle into a moped or moped hybrid, both of which have several additional parts. If you just want a simple "e-bike" with a rechargeable battery pack, the front wheel conversion kit is the right one for you.

Conversion Cost Versus New Electric Bike Price

Conversion kits are significantly less than the cost of a brand-new electric bike. The biggest reason for this really large price difference is that manufactured electrical bikes have much larger power sources that travel greater distances on a single charge. The conversion kits, while altering the bicycle you already have, are only able to carry you a certain number of kilometres before you have to stop and recharge it. However, if you travel very short distances every day, the conversion kit batteries will only need recharging once or twice a week. Not having to buy a brand-new bicycle to get the same benefits is definitely a plus.