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Purchasing an Automatic Pool Cleaner

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If you are time poor, have a large pool, or are no longer up to the physical challenge of manual pool maintenance, you may want to consider investing in an automatic pool cleaner. Here are a few things to consider before you make the investment, ensuring that you purchase a pool cleaner that is right for your needs and budget.

Assembly, Installation and Control

How easy will it be to install and set the controls on the automatic pool cleaner? Most models currently available in Australia are designed for ease of assembly and installation; however if you are concerned or overwhelmed by the process, ask your local pool supplies store for advice or installation assistance.

All automatic pool cleaners are designed to adjust to suit your unique pool shape. Adjusting the hose buoyancy,  flow indicators and regulators should be a straightforward process, however each make and model will be different. Choose a model that you feel confident adjusting, and read the manual thoroughly before you launch it for the first time.

Types of Automatic Pool Cleaners

  1. Robotic cleaners are self-contained, motorised and energy efficient. The most expensive of automatic pool cleaning options, a robotic cleaner is also the most effective, fast and customisable cleaning machine. If you have a small pool or budget, however, it may be excessive to your pool cleaning needs.
  1. Pressure cleaners harness the energy created by the pump pressure for wheeled propulsion. A quick cleaning unit effective for large debris, it has an inbuilt filter bag system for easy cleaning. A pressure cleaner will not surface scrub or pick up small particles, and may neglect pool walls more than a suction or robotic cleaner will.
  2. Suction cleaners are the most economical option, while still providing efficient debris and particle removal. As a suction cleaner connects directly to the pool pump and filter system, you will need to clean your pool filter more frequently, and will use more electricity due to increased pump running costs.

Useful Features to Consider

Hoses: Make sure that the hose supplied with the model you are considering is of sufficient length to allow the pool cleaner access to the full length of your pool. If not, ask your local pool supplies sales person if they can supply a longer hose or hose extensions to meet your pool size requirements.

Deflectors: For a pool with sharp corners, an automatic pool cleaner fitted with deflectors may be your best option to prevent the cleaning unit getting stuck.

Blockages: Choose a model that is the least susceptible to blockages, and in the event of a blockage, is quick and easy to remove debris and resume normal cleaning function.

Pool Cover: If you regularly use a pool cover, this is something you may need consider when choosing an automatic pool cleaner. Some manufacturers do not recommend use in conjunction with a pool cover- ask your local pool supplies sales person to assist you in choosing a model that will function well while your pool is covered.

All automatic pool cleaners will require some level of manual cleaning for ongoing machine maintenance and quality of pool cleanliness. If you're lucky, this may only be once per season, and you can spend the rest of the season swimming or lounging at the side of your clean pool, watching the automatic cleaner do the job you used to sweat over. For more information, contact a company like Leisure Coast Pool Centre.