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The advantages of synthetic grass tennis courts

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Many people deride synthetic tennis courts as non-traditional surfaces and therefore a poor substitute for a classic grass, hard court, or clay surface. However,a synthetic tennis court has many benefits that might just be the ticket for you, depending on your interests and budget.


Depending on the type of tennis that will be played on your court, synthetic grass may be perfect. For example, if you want to build your own tennis court in your backyard, so that you can hold social events and enjoy a fun hit with your kids, artificial turf may be a cost-effective option.  

Again, if you were a local tennis club with no particular ambitions beyond allowing your members to enjoy some friendly competition, then artificial turf may be a appropriate.  

Benefits and Cost

So the question then boils down to why should you choose synthetic grass over a more traditional surface?  

  • Longevity is a real concern - only natural clay and hot-poured asphalt courts last longer than a synthetic grass court.
  • Aesthetics - the only thing more aesthetically pleasing than a nice, green, artificial grass tennis court is a lush, green, grass court.
  • Maintenance.  For the  majority of tennis courts, there is a system of maintenance that needs to be in place that simply is not required for synthetic grass, making it a good, cheap option.  A true grass court requires regular watering, mowing, aerating, and fertilising on a constant basis.  If you have a full-time greenskeeper at your place, well, good for you.  Meanwhile, the rest of us will roll out our synthetic grass.
  • Regularity of bounce.  A synthetic grass court will provide you with regular bounce, a good, firm, but not-too-firm surface underfoot, and will last for around 11 years on average before needing to be replaced 
  • Installation costs.  A synthetic grass court can cost as little as $40,000. Other surfaces, such as acrylic-coated concrete (hard courts) may cost well in excess of that for the concreting alone. Depending on the level of of sophistication applied to the surface (right up to the Australian Open standard Rebound Ace), the more you will pay.

Synthetic tennis courts are high-quality, durable and low-maintenance.  They are just the thing for a local sporting club or home looking for an inexpensive, reliable surface that passes any reasonable longevity test.

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