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The 20 Gauge Shotgun: A Solid Choice for Home Defence

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Shotguns are considered excellent firearms for home defence since they are both easy to use and perfect for defending portals of entry. Homeowners new to shooting often have concerns over the massive recoil associated with shotguns. An untrained or smaller sized member of the household could have enormous difficulty firing a 12 gauge shotgun. There is a very simple solution here. Instead of a 12 gauge, purchase a smaller, yet perfectly sufficient, 20 gauge shotgun.

A Lightweight Weapon

A 20 gauge is a relatively lightweight shotgun making it perfect for those who are small in stature and find a larger 12 gauge difficult to handle. This is why many gun manufacturers produce 20 gauge 'youth shotguns' for younger persons who are just learning how to hunt. Today, several manufacturers offer 20 gauge shotguns designed for self-defence so a smaller, weaker person can handle the weapon and its recoil.

A Manoeuvrable Weapon

In serious home defence scenarios, a person may have to grab the shotgun and run from one room to the next. A 20 gauge's lighter weight makes it easier to carry. The sleeker design aids in being able to move through narrow doorways and hallways with little trouble. By comparison, a 12 gauge double-barrel shotgun designed for waterfowl hunting would definitely be a lot harder to manoeuvre.

The Wide Range of Ammo Available

No matter how light a shotgun is, there is going to be recoil when pulling the trigger. The smaller 20 gauge cartridge is not going to have anywhere near the kick of a 12 gauge, especially if loaded with birdshot. For those who worry about the stopping power of 20 gauge birdshot, there are rifled slugs that deliver tremendous power with limited recoil.

Your local gun shop likely offers a wide variety of different 20 gauge loads. For those not sure what cartridges to use, simple ask someone at the counter for a recommendation.

Practise with Low Recoil Ammo

You may wish to spend a lot of time by yourself and with family members at the shooting range firing the 20 gauge. Not everyone feels comfortable using birdshot for self-defence. Upon getting a decent amount of practise with birdshot ammo, you can move up to more powerful buckshot and rifled slugs.

A good 20 gauge shotgun is an affordable alternative to the traditional weapons used for home defence. For someone new to firearms, the underrated 20 gauge may turn out to be the perfect choice.

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