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How to Prepare Your Bar Crusher For the Fishing Season

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The marine environment can be pretty tough on equipment, and if they are not properly maintained, they can deteriorate in curb appeal and functionality. As the summer boating and fishing season approaches,  you need to ensure that your bar crusher boat is in proper condition and ready for action. Doing so will prevent mechanical or electrical failure while out to sea, which can compromise your safety.  Here is a checklist to guide you through inspecting your bar crusher for the next fishing season.

Boat cleaning and inspection

If you didn't clean your bar crusher after the last season, this is the time to do it. If your boat has been sitting in a storage facility all winter, it is bound to have some dirt or debris. Here is a cleaning checklist for the boat.

•    Clean the exterior and interior body, paying attention to any dings, dents, or scratches that may need repairs.

•    Apply a coat of wax on the surface for protection against the damaging UV rays from the sun.

•     Clean the winches and canvas.

•    Inspect the belts, cables, fittings, pulpits and lifelines for wear due to weather elements or corrosion. If any, they should be replaced.

•    Lubricate all the moving components, including the anchor windlass.

•    Inspect the propeller for any damage and ensure it is properly secured.

•    Check the battery electrolyte level and top up with distilled water if the plates are visible.

Engine servicing

Regular servicing of the boat's engine as per the manufacturer's instructions will keep it running and in good condition. During engine servicing, undertake the following:

•    Install new spark plugs

•    Change lower gear case oil if you didn't change it after the previous boating season

•    Lubricate all the moving parts

•    Check fluid levels and top up where necessary

•    Tighten or replace hose clamps and reconnect the fuel lines

Reconnect any electric components of your engine and the entire boat that had been disconnected. As you do so, ensure you test them as well.

Software upgrades

Manufacturers of marine electronics often release updates for electronic software in radios, sonar, and chart plotter units among others. Ensuring the software in your bar crusher is upgraded can improve user experience while out to sea. You can check with your dealer or manufacturer's website for any updates on the software in your boat's electronics. You can download the new versions yourself, or have the dealer do it for you.

Before setting out to sea, ensure that you have the necessary safety gear, a first aid kit, fire extinguishers, and flares. Once this is done, you can be sure that your next boating and fishing trips will go smoothly.